How do I schedule an appointment with the lab?

  • Feel free to give us a call any time at 203-432-8646 to speak with one of our research assistants about scheduling an appointment for you and your child. Alternatively, you can email us to request an appointment at We may also periodically contact you if we find that your child is an appropriate age for one of our ongoing studies in the lab.

How long does an appointment take?

  • We schedule 30 minutes per child per study. Many of our studies are much shorter, taking between 5 and 15 minutes on average, but we schedule a full half-hour to allow for warming up in our waiting/play room, experimental procedures, and any questions you or your child may have following the study/studies.

My child has siblings. Can I bring them?

  • Of course! If we don’t have a study available for your other child’s age group (or you would prefer they don’t participate), they are free to play in our waiting room during your appointment.

What is being in the lab like?

  • You can see a virtual lab tour or read about a typical study. Studies are set up to be fun, game-like activities that children usually enjoy. After spending a few minutes getting acclimated and meeting the research team, children complete the activity in one of our testing rooms. Parents can watch the whole study over on a tablet computer via our live video feed, or can accompany children into the testing room.

Will I or my child receive any benefit from participating at the lab?

  • While we do not offer monetary compensation for participation, we are glad to offer each child participant a small gift for their cooperation and time. Popular selections include small stuffed animals, jars of Play-Doh, and Frisbees.

Where will I park?

  • The SCD Lab has a reserved parking space in one of Yale’s parking lots on the southeast corner of Hillhouse Avenue and Trumbull Street. Upon confirming your appointment, we will email you driving directions to our parking lot.

How can I add my child’s information to your participant calling list?

  • You can contact us directly via telephone (203-432-8646) or email or use our online form to enter your information directly and we’ll call you back.

Will I learn anything about my child specifically?

  • Our studies are intended to look at overall trends among children of specific age groups rather than the behavior of each individual child. Your child’s participation in our study will contribute to our knowledge of what children in your child’s age group think and understand about their social worlds.